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Nitrogen Kit

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Nitrogen  Kit
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Beers served on Nitrogen boast a thick, creamy head with delicate soft carbonation. Perfect for Stouts and Bitters, but great to experiment with as well!
This kit is designed for adding a homebrew Nitrogen tap to your kegerator or keezer.

This kit includes:
1x All Stainless Taprite Stout Faucet
1x Taprite Nitrogen Regulator
1x 4" Stainless Shank
1x Beer Ball Lock connector
1x Gas Ball Lock connector
1x Stainless Kegging Nut
1x Tap Gasket
1x 3/16" Stainless Tailpiece
4x Stainless Hose Clamps
10x 3/16" Beverage Tubing
5x 5/16" Red Gas Tubing

This kit does NOT include but DOES require a beer-gas tank. These tanks are commonly 75% Nitrogen and 25% C02 and can be purchased at most welding supply stores.

Simply keg your homebrew, and carbonate with normal C02 to roughly 2 volumes. Then release the head-pressure, and attach your Nitrogen Kit. Bring the PSI on the regulator between 25-40 PSI and serve!
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